The  Real Estate Strategy That Lets You QUIT Working Weekends 

and Evenings to Spend More Time With Your Family!

Stuart Sutton

Real Estate Broker, Author, Speaker, Trainer

Hi, I'm Stuart Sutton

I'm the author of the Niche Marketing Blueprint, the book that describes the path I personally took to make a place for myself in my chosen profession of real estate by putting my family first,

The only way to accomplish that was to quit working weekends, evenings and long hours so I could spend more time with my family.

But as the journey toward that progressed, it became apparent that there were other real estate myths that could be set aside... having to deal with rejection is not necessary, and the book explains why.

Despite the myths carried on from generation to generation of real estate agents, brokers and nay-sayers who insisted that its always been one way and those are just the sacrifices you have to make, I found a better way, and share that with you in this book.


I am an active, working, real estate agent with a thriving business that is based on the principles in the book and in the courses I teach agents like you.  

In addition, because of the modest hours it takes to manage my currently thriving reael estate business, I also have time to be an active real estate investor buying and selling residential and commercial real estate.

I am available for teaching and speaking engagements for groups who want to learn the process I developed over 27 years and still use in my business today. Click here to learn more and submit a speaking request.