The  Real Estate Strategy That Lets You QUIT Working Weekends 

and Evenings to Spend More Time With Your Family!

Stuart Teaches Agents to do

EXACTLY What He Does...


As an Active, Working Agent,

He Never Experiences Rejection,

Never Works Weekends, Evenings, or Long Hours,

Has Only a Part Time Assistant, and 

Always Does $20,000,000 PLUS Annually in Personal Production. 


No one walks away after listening to Stuart without thinking about what he says! No One!

He is funny, informative, insightful and absolutely blunt! He holds back nothing just like he holds back nothing when he lists a home. NO SELLER should list their home for sale without knowing all the facts, and that includes facts that most of us don't feel comfortable telling them!

He handles his teaching and speaking engaments the same way. He truly lives what he teaches, and more agents will thrive financially and love the real estate business who follow his lead. 

If you have been stumped by the same real estate traditions (myths) that Stuart was, then you will want to consider this...


Myth: You have to learn to take rejection because it is just part of real estate sales.


Myth: You have to work weekends, evenings and long hours to succeed in real estate.

Myth: Working long hours and evenings is just part of real estate.


Myth: Your income will always be up and down in real estate depending on the market.


Stuart shows how those myths can be set aside and you can thrive while putting your family first during his in person speaking programs.


60 Minute Event:


Sociology is behind this powerful marketing strategy, why you have never learned it before, and why you should embrace and use it NOW!


How you can position yourself to take full advantage of this strategy in 90 days or less!


1/2 day Event - 3 hours of presentation:


1) Why Niche Marketing is more successful than anything you have ever done!

2) How to gain expertise that exceeds any of your competition in 90 days or less!

3) Branding and Marketing... the difference and how to maximize the Power of Each!

Online Training:


Stuart will create 90 Minute Event described above online via Zoom if needed.

Let us know in the short easy form to the right what may be of interest to you and where you are located.


Look forward to visiting soon to get your agents to "Quit Working Weekends, Make All the Money They Want, While Putting Their Family First!