The step-by-step guide to:

Earn  a Lucrative Real Estate Income in Any Market Condition,
Working No Weekends or Evenings,
Spend More Time With Your Family,
No Matter Your Experience Level, and With No Rejection!

Myth: You have to learn to take rejection because it is just part of real estate sales. NOT TRUE!

You have to work weekends to succeed in real estate.

Myth: Working long hours and evenings is just part of real estate. NOT TRUE!

Your income will always be up and down in real estate depending on the market.

Yes, the Myths have always astounded me. I suppose there are myths like this in every industry. What shocks me even more than the myths is the pure strength of each one.

After working a schedule of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday for many years, while maintaining my position as the Top Income Earner virtually every month, every quarter and every year, it constantly surprised me that the "must work weekends" myth persisted, and it ran deep for many brokers and agents.

As a matter of fact, I spoke with a relatively new agent last week who repeated the myths and seemed completely unwilling to consider a scenario that contradicted the myth she had learned.

Maybe you have fallen into that bottomless pit as well:

  * Holding open houses every Sunday,

  * Scheduling buyers every Saturday and

  * Scheduling listing appointments on weekday evenings because that is when
     clients can
meet you. 

  * Missing recitals or plays or soccer games wears on you because you know
     time flies and though the logic is that there will be more, the fact is those
     events each only happen once.

Or maybe you make the events, but spend the whole time on the phone... NOT THE SAME! And your kids know it is not the same!

 Hopefully Something Will Happen To Wake You Up As It Did Me! 


I was with my oldest son, who was very young at the time. We were sitting on the floor of our master bedroom organizing his Hot Wheels in perfectly straight lines by size and color. He always liked things in order, and still does.  My phone rang.  As I reached for my phone he placed his little hand on my forearm and pulled, looked me right in the eye with those big baby blues and said "Daddy, PLEEEASE don't answer that."

My heart just melted... I KNEW what he was really saying! He was really saying, "Daddy if you answer that you will spend time with the person on the phone and not with me."


 That was the LAST TIME I ever answered the 
 phone when my kids were with me!  


Truly, I vowed never to put phone calls or business ahead of my family again, and I kept that vow, and I am going to show you how to do the same.

Additionally, I knew there had to be a way to not just battle those myths, but to negate them completely, and thrive in my real estate business despite those myths, and that is exactly what I did. 

What you have the opportunity to invest in is not just a book,

   * It is the way to get your family life back,

   * It is the guide to earning a lucrative income while spending more time with
      family & friends.
This book is the path to showing your family they are MORE important to you
     than anything else, while giving you the tools, the knowledge and guidance to
     earn the kind of income you deserve in real estate. So...

 If You Are Like Me, You Would Also Ask "WHY?" 

Why does everyone have to work weekends, and Why can't I find a solution?

Why can't I run my real estate business in a way that allows me to spend evenings and weekends with my family?

Why does your income have to be up and down, and Why can't I create a solution that provides a steady and dependable income?

Why do I have to bend to myths and outdated standards just because everyone else is willing to do so?

Why can't I succeed in real estate and spend weekends and evenings with my family, be home for dinner and at every soccer game, t-ball game, play, recital and performance?

 The Answer... You CAN Find Solutions... But Wait,


 You don't have to Seek out the solutuions because ALL of   those solutions are right here! 

Chapter 1. You will learn the psychological power behind Niche Marketing and why sellers will feel compelled to contact you and meet with you on your schedule instead of demanding that you meet on theirs.

Chapter 5. You will learn how to become a Recognized Expert by clients and peers as being heads and shoulders above your competition.

Chapter 11. You will learn the secret sources of "Best" listing prospects that no one else teaches you, and why those sellers respond at a dramatically higher rate than other sellers.

Chapter 15. You will learn how to position yourself so that home sellers see no need to interview other agents besides you.

So, It Is YOUR Choice To Make ...


1) A Lucrative Income and Wonderful Family Life or


2) Chaotic Hours Following Typical Real Estate Myths


HINT: If you are serious about your career and your family  then Choose #1 by investing $14.97 to get the book that will take you Step-by-step down the right path...  


BUT WAIT... if you are even a little familiar with online marketing you probably expect me to offer you some bonuses to motivate you to order the book. Usually about now you get an offer for a list of great products valued at some HUGE number like $500 or $1000 or $3000 worth of bonuses to get you to buy a $15 book.

REALLY? You are buying that? $3,000 of stuff for FREE!?

Well, here is my take on that... I truly think that because there is so much worthless information out there that  online marketers MUST offer you bonuses that add up to some ridiculous number because their book or videos are not worth anything by themselves!

I am not an online marketer, but an active, working real estate agent like you. I wrote this book for YOU!

My first coaching program cost me $3,000 and my investment in that process has made me over $10,000,000 in real estate commission income because that coach was an active working agent who taught me exactly what he did every day!

This book shows you what I do every single day, year after year to create a consistent stream of listings so that I never work weekends or evenings, spend all the time I want with my family, and never deal with rejection. 

If that is not worth $15 bucks, I am guessing you may want to move on and continue your search for a magic pill or a web page with $3000 worth of bonuses that motivate you to order a product for virtually nothing with information that you will never use.

By the way, that strategy is designed ONLY to get you to move to the next level and buy something a little more expensive.


So, one more time... It Is YOUR Choice To Make ...


Chaotic Hours Following Typical Real Estate Myths, while you keep looking for a magic pill of some wild and crazy offer with TONS of bonuses that we all know are not worth the huge amount claimed!


A Lucrative Income and Wonderful Family Life!