Own a Home on an "Acre or More"?

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This book is a short and easy read and packed with information you never knew... until now. Here are just a few of the questions this book will answer for you:

Why do real estate agents discourage one of the most effective and positive steps you can take before you place your home on the market? (chapter 7)

Why don't agents share their performance record for selling homes on small acreage? (chapter 2)

Why do most real estate agents actually encourage you to make a big mistake when pricing your home? (chapter 11)

​Why do real estate agents allow other agents, who have no knowledge of your home, to assist prospective buyers interested in your home? (chapter 15)

​Why don't real estate agents invest any of their own funds in the sale process for your home, especially when commissions are so substantial? (chapter 6)

​And MUCH MORE! Inside information you can't get anywhere else.

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